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Often, media is very confusing when it comes to project types. Some people confuse one video style for another, which could present problems when trying to work with different video producers. For example, a livestream is not the same as a presentation, a presentation is not the same as a documentary. We must understand the differences, if we want to produce the best video to compliment our vision.

Video production projects can vary depending on their purpose, scope, and target audience. Here are several common types of video production projects:


  1. Corporate Videos: These videos are created to promote a company's brand, products, or services. They can also include company overviews, client testimonials, product demos, training videos, and promotional content.

  2. Commercials: Short and attention-grabbing videos used for advertising products or services. Commercials are typically broadcast on television, online platforms, or social media.

  3. Explainer Videos: These videos aim to explain a product, service, or concept in a clear and engaging way. They often use animations, voiceovers, and concise messaging to simplify complex ideas.

  4. Training and Educational Videos: Created for employee training, educational institutions, or online courses, these videos provide instructional content on various topics. They can cover anything from software tutorials to safety procedures.

  5. Event Coverage: Videos recorded during conferences, concerts, seminars, or other live events. Event coverage captures the highlights and key moments of the occasion.

  6. Social Media Videos: Short and shareable videos tailored for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. These videos are often optimized for mobile devices and have catchy, attention-grabbing content.

  7. Documentaries: Longer-form videos that delve into real-world events, people, or issues, providing in-depth analysis and storytelling.

  8. Music Videos: Visual representations of songs, usually featuring performances, storytelling, or artistic visuals that complement the music.

  9. Testimonials and Case Studies: Videos featuring satisfied customers or clients who share their positive experiences with a product or service, or case studies that highlight successful projects.

  10. Product Reviews and Unboxing Videos: Videos where individuals or influencers review and showcase products, providing insights and opinions to potential buyers.

  11. Webinars and Virtual Events: Live or pre-recorded videos used for online seminars, workshops, or virtual conferences.

  12. Recruitment Videos: Videos designed to attract potential candidates to a company or organization by showcasing its work culture, values, and job opportunities.

  13. Travel and Tourism Videos: Videos that promote tourist destinations, hotels, resorts, and travel experiences to attract visitors.

  14. Short Films and Independent Films: Fictional narratives or artistic videos produced independently or with limited budgets.

  15. Video Blogs (Vlogs): Personal video diaries or blogs shared by individuals on various topics, including lifestyle, travel, fashion, and more.

  16. Steppin Video Content any video falling under these video types with steppin involved.


Each type of video production project requires different skills, resources, and approaches to effectively convey its message and achieve its intended goals. So it is often a question of expertise, or a producers specific skill set in one if not all types. This must be understood when requesting a producer or presenting an idea or vision. The primary question being. Is this the right producer for the job. And the primary answer being. Is this the producers area of expertise before signing on to produce a video.

Following is a list of 27 video producer titles that will assist you with selecting not only the correct video type for your vision, but the best producer to bring your vision to fruition.

Video producers hold various titles depending on their roles, responsibilities, and the context of the projects they are involved in. Here are some common titles for video producers:


  1. Video Producer

  2. Senior Video Producer

  3. Associate Video Producer

  4. Executive Video Producer

  5. Digital Video Producer

  6. Creative Video Producer

  7. Content Video Producer

  8. Multimedia Producer

  9. Broadcast Producer

  10. Production Manager

  11. Line Producer

  12. Post-Production Supervisor

  13. Video Project Manager

  14. Video Production Coordinator

  15. Video Editor (in smaller productions, the video producer might handle editing tasks as well)

  16. Motion Graphics Producer

  17. Live Event Producer

  18. Corporate Video Producer

  19. Documentary Producer

  20. Music Video Producer

  21. Social Media Video Producer

  22. Web Video Producer

  23. Commercial Producer

  24. Educational Video Producer

  25. Marketing Video Producer

  26. Training Video Producer

  27. Steppin Video Producer


These titles can vary slightly between companies and industries, but they generally encompass the key responsibilities related to video production and project management. In larger video production teams or studios, these roles might be more specialized, while in smaller organizations, a video producer might wear multiple hats and handle various aspects of video creation and management.

We hope this blog was helpful along with chat GPT. Peace!

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