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My objective as a content creator is simple. I want to wake the world up, but I also want to make sure the world does not put myself or many of us back asleep. Digital Jazz is my consciousness. 

Author and originator of digital Jazz

The Early Journey

"Digital Jazz" is the use of innovative and experimental approaches to digital strategy and marketing, such as the use of cutting-edge technology and unconventional tactics to engage customers and grow a brand.


It is an interdisciplinary process. an approach that include digital strategies similar to experiencing a musical  jam session, when two or more digital processes are combined to create and deliver digital content. We utilize video production, animation, graphics, music, motion, graphics or any two or more digital strategies to design our projects.

Classic Camera

Digital Design is like Jazz, it is often improvised.


The Evolution of DanLanProductionsLLC

Digital Journey

DanLanProductions L.L.C. is an Olympia Fields based content creation company with a long history with advanced content delivery using the latest digital strategies, and technologies. Its inception began in the year 1999 as a small home based greeting card business located in Lynwood Illinois. It originally specialized in custom greeting cards, invitations, and award certificates. However, in 2001, it added video production, graphic artistry, website design and website development to its list of services. This quickly transitioned DLPLLC into a content creation and production company.

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Digital Service

Danlanproductionsllc has a long history serving city, state and federal government agencies, private corporations, the Chicagoland social dance community, and numerous private clients. Our most current services include content creation and delivery, live streaming, social media management, character animation, branding creation, video edits, and motion graphics. Welcome to DLPLLC, the Jazz of digital design. 

Digital Strategies

Digital strategies are plans or approaches that organizations use to leverage digital technologies and platforms to achieve their business objectives. Digital strategies encompass a wide range of activities involving the use of digital channels, tools, and platforms to enhance customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and increase business growth and revenue.

Digital strategies may include initiatives such as creating a strong online presence through a website or social media channels, implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, using email marketing campaigns, developing mobile apps or other digital products, and using data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and improve business operations.

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