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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The Difference between destructive from constructive criticism

There is a big difference between destructive criticism from constructive criticism. Destructive criticism is toxic feedback that offends, discourage, or undermine the recipient. Constructive criticism is positive feedback to encourage, compliment, or suggest positive improvement. In either context, knowing the difference is a very valuable lesson for critics.

Often, we make the mistake of offering destructive criticism for constructive criticism. We think we are being positive and motivating our recipients, but we are not. Often, they consider us toxic and offensive, so they respond with defensiveness. They find us discouraging.

There are other times when we experience destructive criticism too. For example, in response to our reviews, opinions or views. We also perceive this as toxic. Critics intentions trigger conflict instead of encouragement. In fact, we get defensive and resist correction, improvement, or change, It does not matter who they are. They could be recipient or reader. Sometimes, they could be people close to us, people we respect, yet we sever personal relationships with them about their critique. This is why it is so important to learn the difference between the two forms of criticism.

The difference helps us provide the most honest assessment of the content, It also allow us to accept critique from others. It does not matter if reviews are favorable or unfavorable. We are empowered to apply a very important principle. It is not what critics write, but the context they write, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Hello my name is. "Dan The Critic", I offer honest critique through constructive criticism. Welcome to my blog.

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