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"Algorithms, The Lost Perspective"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

What are Algorithms

There are misconceptions about algorithms. Many claim that algorithms are objects or artificial beings that utilize artificial intelligence to minimize if not eliminate human input, involvement or association in human contact or processes.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be more close to peddling fear as the days of McCarthy and the constant claims that anyone who opposed or disagreed with government ideologies and politics were threatening communist looking to destroy America.

Social Calculus

Algorithms are nothing more than computations and calculations performed by computer operations and algebraic constructs that were once mitigated and operated by people. For example, the Nielsen rating and other historic measuring tools that required human input to solve problems or monitor statistics for broadcasting and other media mediums.

Algorithms are nothing more than social calculators in the case of social media. It is how Facebook, YouTube, linked-in and other social platforms measure profiles, and connect groups with common interest.

Cultural Taste

Netflix, Prime, Disney and others use algorithms to calculate cultural taste and other audiences likes or dislike to direct specific content to specific profiles.. In fact, Netflix led the charge with the use of algorithms during their historic battle with Blockbuster video, proving why calculus will always out perform human input. We have several apps and algorithms to prove it.

Social Calculus

The bottom line is algorithms are nothing more than modern day forms of calculus generated and performed through computer computations. It is the mathematization of cultural taste oppose to human calculations. It does not create or prevent human contact, socialization or connection,. It simply mitigates and monitor it. It is the measurement of culture.

Why do we fear algorithms? Why do we make false claims about it? Why do we avoid it? These question could be answered with one simple response. We are misinformed, uninformed and misunderstand the concept of algorithms.

Algorithms are not people places or things. Algorithms are operations. The same as when you log on to your computer to google search. Algorithms is a faster process, more accurate and more reliable. Mostly, all algorithms are programmed designed and mitigated by who? PEOPLE. Seem pretty human from this perspective.

Endurance is a behavior

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